Erin Refugee Action makes sure that “they will never be apart again” with help from the community.

The third refugee family sponsored by Erin Refugee Action has just arrived and is establishing their life in Canada.  A third success is in the making!

One member of this newly arrived family – their son Naser – has been living, studying and working here for several years. He is a most remarkable young man and a credit to his family. Finally he is back together with his family after six years–first surviving many of the dangers that refugees face on their way to a better life, then settling by himself in Canada. One can only imagine their joy at being reunited! You can learn more about his story here:–we-won-t-leave-each-other-again-afghan-refugee-shares-story-of-how-erin-group-helped-reunite-him-with-family-in-canada/

During these COVID-19 days, it has been impossible to hold fundraisers. We’re asking you for a donation that will put the family in a better position to engage in their new life here, just as the success of the previous two families have shown.

So do a little – it means a lot!!  AND receive a tax receipt before year-end.

Info on getting the money to the right place:

Erin Refugee Action: Donation Page:

Donate online or mail a cheque: It’s on the donation page with instructions.

Members of the Welcoming Committee

Our next two sponsored families are coming to Canada soon!

We’ve just heard that the two families (they’re related) are soon joining us in Canada. They have their visas, and their travel plans are in the works. We’re excited but there’s lots to do!

We are still collecting furniture for the household. We have a registry at that outlines needed items–new or gently used. Please note on the registry if you have one of the items for donation.

We’re still fundraising, as we are short of some funds for the sponsorship requirement. Please see our donations page for ways to donate. Donations $20 and over will receive a tax receipt. There’s now an option for online donations too!

The families will live in an apartment within a bungalow in Guelph. We chose this location as it will be easier during COVID-19. The families will be able to walk to services and stores, and know another family that will also be settling in Guelph. If you’d like to volunteer with us, just email us at

Thanks for your support! We couldn’t do this without you.

Baby Jud arrived early!

We are thrilled to announce that Baby Jud (pronounced Jude) was born on December 17th at 9:07 am. Weighing in at 6lb 5 oz, he’s doing really well. The Hizans are thrilled to have this precious addition to their family, and all four of them are now involved in baby care. A Canadian baby, born in Winter. How fitting!

Baby Shower for Souzan

The Hizans are expecting a baby in early January! They are so excited about the arrival of their baby boy. It’s been awhile since they’ve had a baby in the house, and everyone in the family loves children.

To celebrate the upcoming birth, and help prepare them for the baby’s arrival, we held a baby shower. It was a wonderful evening full of conversation and laughter, and Souzan was delighted with the gifts and money contributed. As usual the broader community has been very generous, and the Hizans now have all the major items needed for the baby and money to buy the missing items. They are well set.

Guests at the baby shower
Souzan and Asmaa show the guests the gifts

We’re fundraising again

We’ve submitted applications to sponsor two generations of an Afghan family, currently living in Turkey. The government sets the amount that we have to raise, and as they treat this as two families (so thinking of two set-up costs, two apartments, etc.) the amount is substantial. We have $30,000 to go. We could use your help.

We’ve made our apple crumbles for the third year in a row, and they are delicious. They’re available for sale, frozen, just ready for your next family gathering or dinner. Contact to order. They’re just $10 each for the family size and $25 for a new party size.

We’re also doing the “Ride for Refuge.” You could sponsor an individual on the team or the whole team. Tax receipts for donations over $20. Go to and click on “donate”. The ride is coming up in a week, so donate soon!

OR…you could donate the old fashioned way and get a tax receipt for anything $20 or more. Details here:

Thank you in advance for any donations. If now is not the right time to donate, perhaps you’d consider volunteering with us. We need volunteer drivers and general help. Contact for more details.

Thanks to the Wellington Advertiser for publishing a story about our crumble making. See

Making apple crumbles — September 2019

Our second sponsored family is here!

Time flies! The Hizan family (Mohamad, Souzan, Aref and Asmaa), originally from Aleppo, arrived in late March and are settling in well. We have found a lovely apartment for them in Georgetown, within walking distance of almost everything they need. They move in May. Thanks to very generous donations in-kind from the Erin (and broader) communities we have almost everything needed for their new place. We are so thankful to Joanne Kay and Don Chambers for providing the family with a wonderful place to stay in Hillsburgh until more permanent housing could be found.

Aref and Asmaa are now settled in school, but will change schools once in Georgetown. Actually Aref will be bussed to Milton, as he’s 17 years old and high school students attend an ESL-enhanced program until they are ready for mainstream classes. Asmaa is 13 years old, and will attend a Georgetown school. Mohamad and Souzan are already attending ESL classes in Georgetown four mornings a week, supplemented with 1:1 ESL sessions provided by Erin Refugee Action volunteers. The whole family is very motivated to improve their English and we’re seeing lots of progress. They are very keen to learn more about Canadian life, and about Canada itself. They so appreciate being sponsored to the Erin area, and want to thank everyone involved for helping to make this possible.

There’s so much to do in the first month–signing up for programs, attending appointments, getting banking accounts and finances organized, setting up the kitchen, etc. We have a great group of people supporting the family, including the steering committee and a vital group of volunteers who drive them as needed. We thank everyone who has and will be involved in helping this family settle into their new country.

As we did with our first sponsored family, we have a “Grow-a-Row” program planned for the summer. Please see the “download” button below and get in touch with Margaret if you’re interested in participating. The Hizans love vegetables and will enjoy the local bounty.

Welcoming the Hizans at the airport–March 2019